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Wednesday, March 4th 2009, 4:36pm

Board Rules -- Updated 17 June 2013

§ 1.) General Guidelines

By registering on the Board, you hereby agree to these board rules.
  1. The Board Staff reserves the right to warn, censor or ban any users who fail to follow these rules. In extreme cases, GameForge reserves the right to ban users from the game and IRC as well for infractions committed in forums posts and personal messages (PMs).
  2. The Board language is strictly English only.
  3. Every user may register and use only one account. The use of multiple accounts may lead to a banning of all accounts, including the offender's main account.
    If you are sharing an IP address at any one time with other users who have board accounts, the Board Staff MUST be informed, by board PM, email or ticket. Failure to do so may result in a permanent ban under suspicion of the use of multiple accounts.
  4. The forum falls under AirRival's Terms and Conditions. Hence, German laws apply to the whole forum.
  5. If you feel you were warned unfairly, first contact the Mod who gave the warning. Then, you may contact the Smod. In extreme cases, you have the right to talk to a Board Admin. The Board Admins’ word is final.
    The same applies if your thread was closed and you wish to appeal against it.
§ 2.) Infractions

The following content will not be tolerated on these boards, and will result in atleast a one week ban:
  1. Pornographic, politically extremist, immoral, racist, or offensive material which breach applicable laws, or links to such material.
  2. Keygens, hacks, cracks and links to illegal downloads and "warez", or other such things of an illegal nature.
  3. Personal attacks or content, links or usernames aimed at flaming and insulting other members of the community.
  4. Trolling, or posting with the intent of annoying or provoking others into a heated response
  5. Inappropriate language or excessive cursing, including text, pictures, avatars, or signatures that contain cursing, even if blurred or censored. Attempting to bypass the word filter is also prohibited.
  6. Personal messages or exchanges, including in-game whispers, posted without the explicit consent of all parties involved.
  7. Trade offers for game accounts. Account transfers are prohibited under Clauses 1.1 and 1.2 of the Game Rules.
  8. Information protected under data security or copyright laws, or requests for such information.
  9. Advertisements, discussion, or links to other browser or MMO games in competition with Gameforge. Posting referrals links that aim to accumulate page visits is also prohibited.
  10. Impersonation of a Staff member, be it by imitating his/her name, avatar and signature, or posting as if one were a mod.
  11. Discussion of board or game bans/warnings publicly, which will not help your case. Please contact the Moderator or Game Master involved (or their superior) directly through PMs, IRC or the ticket system.
  12. Discussion of teammember identities publicly.
    Anonymous teammember identities are there to improve unbiased
    moderation, discussing them or taking guesses at them results in a
    direct ban.
  13. Insulting any member of the team, or making any offensive unconstructive remarks towards the team.
  14. Negative campaigning, adding nothing to a thread but demotivating, negative sentiment not directed at one person in particular.
  15. Excessive spamming of emoticons and images to the extent that they become a nuisance, as they may freeze other users’ computers. Please limit your use of smilies in posts and signatures.
  16. Posting content unrelated to the topic or the relevant forum may lead to a warning for spam or going offtopic. The Spamboard, however, is exempt from this rule.
  17. Opening several threads on the same topic. Do use the search function before starting a new thread.
  18. Excessive quoting, or quoting numerous posts consecutively in a single post to create a "quote pyramid". Please keep your posts to a maximum of 5 nested quotes.
  19. 'Bumping' old threads, by posting in them long after they have become inactive.
  20. Posting the full lyrics to any song, as it is prohibited under German law.
  21. Misuse of the report button. This includes using the report system as a channel to send one's messages to the Board Staff, or reporting posts even if they do not break any board rules. Remember, the report button is strictly for highlighting offending posts to the Board Staff only.
§ 4.) Bans

Accumulation of multiple warnings, as a result of breaking any of the above rules, will result in atleast the following bans:
  • 2 points - 3 days ban
  • 6 points - 1 week ban
  • 10 points - 2 weeks ban
  • 14 points - 1 month ban
  • 20 points - 3 months ban
  • 30 points - Permanban
In extreme cases however, a user can still be banned without having warnings.

Re-registering another account after your account has been banned is forbidden, and will result in the extension of the ban, or even a permanent ban for all accounts involved. If you share your account with someone who has been banned from the board, you will also incur a ban yourself. Repeated re-registering another account after your acount has been banned will eventually lead to a ban of your ingame account.

§ 5.) Signatures

Two images are allowed per signature. For the benefit of other users, they must adhere to the following restrictions:
  • Each image can be a maximum of 500x150 px.
  • If two images are placed side-by-side - Total width: 760 px, Total height: 150 px
  • If stacked vertically - Total width: 500 px, Total height: 185 px
  • Total file size: 120 kb
For an illustration, refer to this announcement: Sig Limits Updated!

  • Some sections may have additional stricter guidelines. Please check the stickies in each board BEFORE you make your first post.
  • The boardrules also apply to the official IRC channels.
  • The Air Rivals team reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notice.


Tuesday, April 23rd 2013, 3:59pm

"Gameforge and the AirRivals community"

Dear Pilots,

We operate our game with passion and are thrilled about every pilot who gets involved in AirRivals. So that you can continue doing this without being mobbed, spammed or harassed in any other way, we have refreshed a couple of our etiquette rules.

We want you to exchange ideas with one another and improve your skills. We also want to offer you the opportunity to talk about things not concerning AirRivals - not everything revolves around the game for AirRivals fans. Accordingly, you will also find a lot of areas in our forum that have nothing to do with AR.

We see ourselves as the host and are always happy to welcome you in our forum, on our "Ginas Hangar" Facebook page or in the game.

Hospitality means the following to us:

• Friendly appearance and promoting harmonious interaction with one another
• Offering service and help
• Providing a sympathetic ear for suggestions and criticism

That's why we want to create a pleasant atmosphere for you, but in return, we expect you to contribute to it.

Our moderation is also based on the host - guest principle - which is comparable to a private party: as hosts, we naturally want you to feel comfortable. But we also need to make sure that the party isn't disturbed by individual people.

Therefore, here are our rules for all conduct surrounding AirRivals:

• We don't put up with insulting tones of voice or condescending remarks - no flaming

• We don't allow discussions to be disturbed by pointless posts - no spamming

• We don't want constant provocations by people who are against AirRivals by principle and just out to cause problems - no trolling

• We don't allow any advertisements and no trading without our approval - no ads

• We are open to constructive criticism, but this shouldn't spoil the overall mood

• Threads, language and images that are offensive or unethical in our opinion or are a violation of existing laws are not desired

• At there is no space for negative campaigns - not against guests, players or any other points of view

• As hosts, we reserve the right to decide upon isolated incidences at our own discretion

Our administrators, game team members and moderators ensure that these principles are upheld to the best of their knowledge. Our aim is to form a community in which all members happily and openly converse. This will only work if we are fair to each other.

If the basic principles are breeched, we will intervene:

• The guest / user / player receive a serious warning
• The guest / user / player is thrown out and is banned for at least a week.

Individual decisions are explained via email, but not discussed publically.
If you have any questions about moderation team decisions, please contact the corresponding team member via the ticket system or PM.

You can read up about more rules of conduct in the T&Cs. The basic principles do not replace the T&Cs, but supplement them in the framework set by them.

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